LETTER: Norton won’t be bullied

Dear Editor,

I note Ms Bucknell’s call for my resignation in her Letter to the Editor on July 9.

Given the scant detail provided about when I supposedly “sarcastically insinuate”that she was “partly responsible for rejecting $250,000 for Yass”, I assume she is referring to a meeting we had in March with the Principal of Yass High, where funding for building works at the school was discussed and the Park & Ride was mentioned in passing.

I barely recall Ms Bucknell’s negligible contribution to that meeting so it is highly unlikely that I attributed her with the power or influence to “reject $250,000 for Yass”. Nevertheless, if she has mistakenly interpreted something I said as a personal affront, she has had four months to discuss it with me. As there has been no attempt to do so, I can only speculate as to the real reason behind the timing of her letter.

I am happy to advise Ms Bucknell and anyone else who may be interested, that no matter how many times my car is vandalised, I am abused in the street or ill-informed letters are written about me, I will not be bullied into resigning. Furthermore, I will not be drawn into an ongoing war of words on the subject.

I do not presume to speak for David Rowe, but only two weeks has passed since he informed the Mayor and Council staff that he would not be going anywhere, so Ms Bucknell cannot expect any joy there either.

Far more important than Ms Bucknell’s letter, is the disturbing and developing trend that it reflects, that being the use of newspapers and social media as a tool of attack in lieu of having the courage to face people directly. I was brought up to believe that, if you have an issue with someone, you take it up with them, not expect others to do the dirty work for you.

In this brave new world where the “keyboard warriors” always need to have the last word, many seem to have forgotten the principles of decency and “fair play”, sadly to the detriment of us all.


Director Corporate and Community Services

Yass Valley Council

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