Give Jesse a fair go, Ronan

AH YES, you’ve gotta love a bit of contrivance on reality television.

Jesse Teinaki

Especially when you can get firmly on one side of a clash of male egos.

So here goes …

Ronan Keating I used to think you could sing a bit, but now I think that you’re a bit of a fridge magnet.

Yep, to be sure.

A poster boy for ageing boy bands.

Your schmalzy ballads are not all that bad; nope, just a tad boring.

So lighten up, you’re rich and famous.

Could you stop moaning Ronan?

Give North-West Tassie heart-throb, apprentice sparky, Jesse Teinaki, a fair go.

Libby Bingham

He’s only 22 and he is giving life a red hot crack.

Jesse’s hard work and talent got him onto a television stage with 1.5 million watching.

For Ronan Keating, judging The X-Factor is a bit of lucrative fun and it keeps your name relevant with the younger audiences.

With the other judges calling you “Mr Cranky Pants” it’s clear that you’re playing Simon Cowell’s “hanging judge” role.

We’re meant to enjoy booing and hissing at you as much as applauding the talent.

However, this moment on The X-Factor was young Jesse Teinaki’s make-or- break moment.

He wants a career from this.

And there you were unfairly dishing it up to him from the get go.

Singing Sex on Fire was asking for it, but Jesse’s young and good-looking.

He wanted to milk the moment just like you did, Ronan.

When you said Jesse was not as good as he thinks he is, geez that was a tad personal and nasty.

Jesse’s mother Trish Machen was “floored” by your negativity after her son’s audition.

She knows Jesse best and could tell he was nervous.

You could have tempered your attitude and suggested he could do better.

Jesse needs to know where he went wrong, but don’t crush him with a sledgehammer.

Poor Jesse said afterwards that he was absolutely nervous up there.

You’re a philanthropist, Ronan.

You raise a lot of money for cancer research having been touched by the loss of your mother who died when you were 20.

Jesse also uses his talent to perform at charity gigs.

In February, Jesse was part of a fund-raising event at Queenstown which was held by the community to reach out to those affected by the tragic Mount Lyell mine deaths.

Jesse said at the time: “I’m pretty honoured to be part of it.”

Come Together charity concert committee chairwoman Melissa Budgeon said she had never met a more humble young man than Jesse.

Perhaps, Ronan, you might come to Tassie and join with Jesse at a charity gig playing with your former The X-Factor team finalist Taylor Henderson in concert at the Ulverstone Sports and Leisure Centre on November 15.

Funds raised go to the North-West Cancer Centre in Burnie.

Meantime, Jesse did the right thing. He has copped your critique.

Jesse said you are there to judge and he intends to prove you wrong.

With 110,000 Coasters like me cheering him on.

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